Mission: Charlottesville Youth Lacrosse To provide Central Virginia youth the opportunity to develop their knowledge and love of lacrosse in an organized, respectful, and fun environment that honors the game. Goals: To provide the youth of Central

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Seminole Select Travel (SST)

Tryout/Assessment Policies and Procedures
2015 - 2016 Season

  1. All potential players must attend the required tryouts/assessment sessions. Under special approval of the Board players may be referred to the Coach and may be granted a special tryout/assessment. Any special assessment/tryout will be conducted by a non-team Coach or SST Board Member(s).
  2. All potential players must check-out a tryout jersey and properly identify themselves at the registration table prior to try-outs. Jerseys must promptly be returned to the check-out/registration table immediately following tryouts. Any potential player who does not return the practice jersey and check the jersey back in, WILL NOT BE INVITED BACK TO THE REMAINING TRYOUT/ASSESSMENT SESSIONS AND NOT OFFERED AN INVITATION TO JOIN A TEAM.
  3. Each player will be assessed and evaluated BASED ON THEIR JERSEY NUMBER at each tryout/assessment session.
    1. All teams will be created based on US Lacrosse age guidelines:
      1. Played on HS Varsity or JV - JV or Varsity
      2. Born on or after 9/1/2001 - U15
      3. Born on or after 9/1/2002 - U13
      4. Born on or after 9/1/2004 - U11
      5. Born on or after 9/1/2006 - U9
      6. Exceptions to these guidelines will be limited and may be made based on physical size, skill, and maturity. All requests for exceptions will be reviewed and evaluated by the SST Board. Requests should be made in advance of tryouts/assessments.
  4. Players should complete all drills and activities required by the Coaches and Selection Committee Members.
  5. All Potential players will be equally and fairly evaluated and assessed by the Selection Committee.
  6. The Selection Committee will consist of SST Board Members, Seminole Lacrosse Board Members, SST Coaches, SLAC Members, High School Coaches, former college players, and other qualified individuals as determined by the SST Board.
  7. The Selection Committee will assess the players with regard to the following skills and attributes
    1. Running - footwork, quickness, agility, speed
    2. Stick Skills - Throwing, Throwing offhand, catching, catching offhand, dodging, cradling, ground balls
    3. Offense - game sense, cutting, feeding, shooting, moving w/o ball
    4. Defense - game sense, body position, sliding, checking
    5. Attitude - coachability, work ethic, hustle, intangible
  8. After each tryout/assessment session, evaluations will be turned in to the SST Board for tabulation and review.
  9. Members of the Selection Committee MAY NOT evaluate a family member or relative, they must recuse themselves from evaluating family members or relatives.
  10. Coaches will not evaluate potential players for the team that the Coach is coaching. For example the U9 coaches may not evaluate any players trying out for the U9 team. They may however, evaluate players trying out for U11, U13, U15, U17,and U19.
  11. At the end of the tryout/assessment sessions the Selection Committee will select the players to be invited for a roster spot on each team. Multiple teams per age group may be created based on demand and coach availability and players will be assigned to teams according to physical size, skill, and maturity.
  12. Once the Selection Committee has made their selections and recommendations, the Head Coach of each team will review and discuss the players to be invited with the Selection Committee. The Head Coach will determine the final roster with the approval of the Selection Committee.
  13. The SST Board and the Seminole Lacrosse Inc Board reserve the right to change and modify these policies and procedures at any time in an effort to improve the process and/or create a more efficient and fair process for evaluating and assessing the players.