Mission: Charlottesville Youth Lacrosse To provide Central Virginia youth the opportunity to develop their knowledge and love of lacrosse in an organized, respectful, and fun environment that honors the game. Goals: To provide the youth of Central
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7/8 Grade Division

Skill level required: None, all levels welcome. Beginners (never played before), Intermediate (1-3 years of organized lacrosse) Advanced ( 4 years of organized league play and/or travel lacrosse)
Description: League play, consisting of a 8 game season. Weekly practices.
Philosophy/Goals: Continue to teach fundamental skills and team concepts in a positive manner. Introduce intermediate skills. Emphasis on respect and cooperation between the players, coaches, and officials to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. Introduce offensive and defensive sets and strategies/plays. Learning and understanding the rules and rule administration/enforcement.
Format: US Lacrosse U13 rules and guidelines. Body checking will be introduced at this level. One handed stick checking will not be allowed.  All players will play roughly equal amounts of time as other players at their position, as long as they are regularly attending and actively participating in practices and show enthusiasm to play the game. Players may begin to specialize in specific position but are encouraged to continue to play multiple field positions.
Days/Dates: Practice begins the week of February 20, 2017.  Games begin March 19, 2017. Playoffs: May 14 & 21 2017. Practices will be held 1-2 times per week with games on Sundays.
Equipment Needed:  Field players are required to wear a helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves.  A protective cup is required, rib pads, and cleats are recommended, but not required.  Goalies are required to wear a helmet, throat protector, mouthpiece, gloves, chest protector, arm pads, and a protective cup. Stick: short sticks lengths are required to be between 40-42”; long stick between 52-72”; Goalie stick 40 – 72”.