Mission: Charlottesville Youth Lacrosse To provide Central Virginia youth the opportunity to develop their knowledge and love of lacrosse in an organized, respectful, and fun environment that honors the game. Goals: To provide the youth of Central

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Seminole Winter Indoor Lacrosse teach the fundamentals of lacrosse at an intermediate level; scooping, catching, passing, shooting, defense in an up-tempo practice and game-like setting. We will always play 15-30 minutes of modified games so players can continue to develop game understanding and have fun. We will run challenging drills and scrimmage "BOX" style all while emphasizing proper technique. Box style simply means 5v5's.

We want to be sure that we continue to foster passion in lacrosse for all players and that they have fun. Our experienced Seminole lacrosse coaches will ensure safety and be sure to match size & skill accordingly. WE have experience teaching this age group and have many games and drills ready!

Group meets one night during the week for a six week period.